Filters allow you to quickly locate information submitted into your site. There are several different filters that you can apply to drill down and view the exact information you are searching for. Once you have your filters setup the way that you want you can save those settings to quickly recall later.

Types of Filters

  • Submitted By
    • This filter allows you only see submissions that the selected user(s) have submitted.
  • Forms
    • This filter limits which forms you see submissions from.
  • Status
    • This filter only shows submissions that match the selected status or statues
  • Terms
    • This filter allows you to filter on specific fields within your form. The syntax looks like this:field name: search term, secondary term; other field name: search term. The field name is case sensitive
  • Start Date
    • This filter only shows submissions that happened after the selected date
  • End Date
    • This filter shows submissions that happened before the selected date.
  • Participants
    • This filter shows submissions in which the selected user(s) preformed an action (ie: approve, deny)  on the submission
  • Pending On
    • This filter shows submissions which are pending on the selected user(s)

How to save a filter

When the filter bar is open a text box is visible. Once you have the filters setup the way you want to save them enter a name for your saved filter and hit the save button.

When you want to recall a saved filter simply use the drop down at the top of the page to recall the filter you want to use.

Exporting Results

If you would like to work with the form data in Microsoft Excel simply click the export button at the top. That will export all of the currently filtered results into a spreadsheet.

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