Create A Form

Create a form

  • From the home page
    • Click on Admin
    • Create a New Form
  • Enter a name for the form
  • On the left hand side click on a element to add to your form
  • Enter in the element name, this is required
  • You can make this field required by toggling the "Required" option when adding the form element


Small Input Field: Used for a small amount of text

Large Input Field: Used for a long format text entry.

Content Only Area: Used to display content. Such as extra information to help the user fill out the form. Things like paragraphs, links, bold text are available.

Select Dropdown: Give the user a list of items to select from.

Radio Buttons: Give the user listing of options, that they can select one from

Check Boxes: Give the user a listing of options that they can select multiple from.

Date Field: Give the user a date picker to choose a date from.

Email: Get and email address from the user

File Upload: Allow the user to upload a file

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